South-West Texas Border SBDC's are Open for Business ** Details


Client Quotes

  • “Monica Alcoz and the International Trade Center team were a professional, timely, and invaluable resource who worked quickly and with deep knowledge to support our decisions.”

    Adalberto Terán
    IDZ Technologies Inc.
  • “We are very excited about our present and our future and we know the International Trade Center will be key to help with our market development.”

    Sergio Gonzalez
    Twin Aviation Inc.
  • As Alberto Rodriguez-Baez, V.P. of International Sales likes to remark: “Monica’s team has provided with in-depth, timely, comprehensive market research for several countries that we are targeting for expansion. This information has been critical for the targeting of the right candidates. Monica and her team are fast, efficient, and the quality of the information is superb.”

    Rainbow Play Systems International

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