Online Export Training

Online Export Training

In partnership with the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta and the University of Georgia SBDC, the International Trade Center offers a variety of export training webinars that will assist you in assessing your company’s export readiness, show you the importance and availability of global market research tools, estimate your transaction costs, and will explain how to use INCOTERMS, among others.

To access the tutorials, please click on the title of each section and you will be redirected to the Export-U website.

Webinar Topics
1. Are You Ready?

This session of Export-U2 is designed for those taking a first look at international business. It addresses some of the “Myths and Realities” of exporting, and discusses the various factors that influence your probability of success. Our goal is to help you determine if you are ready to take the leap from conducting business in the US, to embracing global commerce. (Runtime: 16:50 minutes)

2. Global Market Research

In this 2nd session of Export-U2, we will explore how to gather meaningful intelligence on overseas markets, to find which ones are best suited to your product. This is a critical first step toward finding profitable overseas sales. It can help you maximize opportunity, minimize risk, and ensure the success of your international business venture. Our goal is to explain what you need to consider, sources for the data, and how you can make sense oof it all. (Runtime: 15:26 minutes)

3. Secondary Research

In this 3rd session of Export-U2 we will explain how secondary market intelligence can help you refine your list of potential overseas markets to a manageable number — usually a short list of just the 3 to 5 top markets. We will show how you can take into account a wide range of critical “soft” data that does not easily lend itself to numeric analysis, including political, economic, and cultural factors. (Runtime: 15:11 minutes)

4. Costing

In this 4th session of Export-U2 we will complete a costing exercise to see whether your product can be price competitive in the overseas markets you have targeted. We will also consider how your final sales price is affected by the costs associated with moving your goods overseas — factors like land and sea freight charges, customs duties, taxes, fees, and insurance. (Runtime: 23:26 minutes)

5. Approching the Market

In this fifth session of Export-U2 we will discuss how the U. S. Commercial Service can help you approach and sell into overseas markets. We will explain how their over 120 foreign offices can assist you in finding the right foreign business partners, using USCS services, including the International Partner Profile, International Partner Search, Gold Key, Platinum Key, Trade Leads, trade events, and more. (Runtime: 15:12 minutes)

6. Finding Sales at International Trade Events

In this sixth session of Export-U2 we will explore the benefits and challenges of participating in international tradeshows. Every year more than 5000 shows take place all over the planet, offering tremendous opportunities to develop international business. These events can help you test the global market for your product, make export sales, or find overseas sales representation. This session considers a range of strategies to help you find the right event and then plan for success. (Runtime: 22:49 minutes)

7. Undertanding INCOTERMS

In this 7th session of Export-U2 we will briefly introduce INCOTERMS and explain how they are used in international trade. These internationally standardized terms define the responsibilities of exporters and importers for various phases of the shipping process. They also clarify pricing, by spelling-out who is responsible for which shipping costs. Our goal is to briefly introduce INCOTERMS and give references for more detailed investigation. (Runtime: 6:58 minutes)

8. Payment Terms

In this eighth session of Export-U2 we will discuss how you can get paid for your export sales. We will consider the relative merits and risks associated with several types of payment, including: cash in advance, confirmed letter-of-credit, advised letter-of-credit, cash against documents, documents against acceptance, and open account. We will also touch briefly on how you can reduce your payment risks with export credit insurance. (Runtime: 21:31 minutes)

9. SBA Financing

In this 9th session of Export-U2 we will discuss how the U.S. Small Business Administration offers bank loan guarantees to help American exporters. We will introduce the three primary SBA international loan programs: Export Working Capital, Export Express, and International Trade Loans, and will consider the merits of each for various situations. This session should help you understand which loan program is appropriate to your needs, and what rules and parameters govern each type of loan guarantee. (Runtime: 17:55 minutes)

10. Website Globalization

In this session we wil discuss how to prepare your website for the global marketplace. Because of its length, this session is broken into three parts:

  • 10A: introduces the concept of website globalization, describes how simple enhancements can enhance your website’s appeals to international visitors, and considers the pros and cons of website translation (Runtime: 23:54 minutes)
  • 10B: considers international website promotion, and introduces the concepts of website internationalization and localization. (Runtime: 28:08 minutes)
  • 10C: provides a high level overview of international e-commerce. (Runtime: 12:16 minutes)

​11. Global Risk Management

In this 11th session of Export-U2 we will discuss how to manage international business risk. All business entails some degree of risk and international trade is no exception. The best way to manage international trade risk is by doing your homework in advance, and then taking prudent countermeasures to limit your risk exposure. This session will define the types of risk you may encounter and suggest ways to manage them. (Runtime: 13:36 minutes)

12. Pro-Forma Invoices

In this 12th session of Export-U2 we will discuss how to quote on international sales using Pro-Forma Invoices. As the webinar explains, these are not invoices as such, but rather detailed quotations provided to overseas customers. They clearly spell out what is included in the quotation and what is not, and they become legal documents that define the terms of sale. This session will explain how exporters can use Pro-Formas to quote safely on export sales, and will explain the required contents and structure of these important export documents. (Runtime: 6:07 minutes)


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