Digital Credential Program

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center Digital Credential Program

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center is committed to providing the clients and partners with the tools necessary to achieve their professional goals. This is why the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center and digital credential provider Credly have partnered to provide digital versions of credentials to clients and partners. The digital credentials offer meaningful knowledge and recognition to clients and partners while providing confidence to stakeholders in identifying skill standards. Once earned, these digital credentials can be used in email signatures, electronic resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

There is no fee to register on the Credly digital credential portal and acceptance of a digital credential is completely up to the earner.

What is a Digital Credential?

Digital Credentials are a visible, portable record of verified knowledge and newly acquired skills. It indicates an accomplishment which is displayed, accessed, and verified online.

Once you earn a Digital Credential it can be shared within your SBDC Network and externally through social media. As you share it, individuals will be able to click on the Digital Credential and see what you did to achieve this skill.

Benefits of a Digital Credential

  • Recognizes knowledge and skills across organizational and geographical borders.
  • Can help you further your career goals.
  • A web-enabled version of your achievement that can be shared online.
  • A trusted method for real-time training verification.
  • An efficient way of posting your skills to social media platforms.
  • To see a video about digital credentials, please click here:

*For more information, please view our resources below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Claim Your Digital Credential


If you have questions about the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center Digital Credentials Program or need information about the status of your digital credential issued by the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center, please contact Carla Cardenas (
For questions regarding the Credly website, please visit their support page here:



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