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UTSA SBDC International Trade Center

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center

Who We Are

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center is one of the largest and the most successful trade assistance organizations in the State of Texas. Established in 1992, it provides businesses with high-value advising services, cutting-edge market research and innovative training programs that deliver results.

Providing value and delivering real-world results for clients and partners is what drives the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center. It has a proven track record of delivering the technical know-how and support that has helped hundreds of Texas companies enter new markets, create more efficient supply chains and become more globally competitive. In 2018, we helped our clients generate over $567,280,520 million in global sales, create 430 new jobs and expand into hundreds of new markets.

Our Services

World Class One-on-One Trade Advising

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center is the only source of comprehensive trade advising and market research services in the State of Texas. Our clients receive comprehensive, world-class advising and technical trade assistance provided by experienced and CGBP credentialed International Business Advisors.

Our services are always 100% confidential, customized and are offered at no cost. Whether your company is just starting its international operations or is an experienced firm looking to expand into new global markets, our team of advisors can provide you with the trade advising and technical assistance that will help you make better decisions and increase profits.

Customized Market Research Services

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center is the only trade organization in the region that has an in-house research team. The research team uses state-of-the-art resources and has access to the most complete and sought-after databases to provide the latest market information and most relevant trade data.

Cutting-Edge Trade Training

Every training program organized by the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center delivers real-world information and expertise on how to be successful in global trade. Companies can choose from a wide variety of market specific or trade skill programs that are conducted by industry experts. Our live seminars and webinars deliver critical international business know-how and a high level of take-away value that you can immediately apply.

Our Staff

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Are you ready to become a client?
If you are interested in our services, we would love to work with you. The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center requires you to complete our Online Client Signup. Or you can fill out a Counseling Request form (English) or Solicitud De Asesoramiento (Spanish). This form can be submitted by email to or by fax to 210.458.2476.
Once information is received we will contact you to obtain more details about your business in order to better match your company profile to one of our International Business Advisors. Our Client Management Specialist will set up an initial appointment during which the advisor will assess your technical as well as market research needs.

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