Success Stories

The International Trade Center was founded in 1992 with the premise that our success is measured by our clients’ results. We are proud of the successes that we have helped our clients achieve through out international trade consulting, international market research and innovative training programs.

  • CellRight Technologies

    The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the demand for the biotechnological applications of human tissue for regenerative medical application far exceeds the supply. The greatest impediments to commercializing this technology stem from immature regulatory regimes in many regions of the world, ill equip to manage the sensitive activity in this industry. Developed countries have taken a largely sterile, sober, and scientific approach. However, much of the developing world has seen black markets, human trafficking, and “transplant tourism” manifest where institutional and cultural hesitancy and discomfort have impeded the development of modernized regulatory regimes.

  • SpeedTech Lights

    SpeedTech Lights is a Texas-based manufacturer of emergency vehicle lighting and sound signaling equipment, such as LED light bars and sirens and speakers.  The company produces a full range of emergency signaling equipment and recently moved into a new, large headquarters and production facility, reflecting the company’s rapid growth and anticipated future growth. High quality products and a focus on customer service are key to the company’s success.

  • Domos Water Technologies

    Domos Water Technologies is a subsidiary of a well-known Mexican public works and construction company called Grupo Oneo, which was founded 27 years ago under their previous name, Grupo Domos. One of their business lines, which is focused on the design, construction and operation of municipal water treatment plants, conducts its activities under the name Domos Agua.

  • On the Spot Cleaning

    The Maldonado family began their entrepreneurial journey in Honduras more than 10 years ago. Although they had previous experience working in the corporate world, they wished to build their own success and business. Through their hard work and dedication, they successfully opened and managed two businesses in their home country. However, they still longed for more and searched for opportunities to create a better life. After a visit to San Antonio solidified their desire to chase the American Dream, the Maldonado family realized the city’s potential growth and decided to invest their life savings in the pursuit of business opportunities in the city.


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