South-West Texas Border SBDC's are Open for Business ** Details


Client Quotes

  • “Berenice Espinoza, has opened for us new doors and her constant advice has always been a guide for important decisions.”

    Juan Francisco Collado
    Casa 1921 LLC
  • “Although we’re excited about what we’ve achieved so far, we truly believe that it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. With friends and associates like Monica at the International Trade Center, we feel that the sky is the limit!”

    Doug Renfro
    Renfro Foods, Inc.
  • “Our consultant at the International Trade Center, Doug Smith, has done a good job in the research of prospective clients and market awareness and it is critical in forming our export business plan. The information that was provided to Battery Concepts for the Mexico market has resulted in more than 100% growth in sales.”

    Sergio H. Munoz
    Battery Concepts International Inc.
  • “Business insights are key to our decision making. The International Trade Center and our advisor Doug Smith have always been keen to share critical information with us. This approach is key to success in any initiatives and growth. We thank our advisor and his team for making that happen.”

    Divyesh Patel
    Bespoke Group

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