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You need good information to succeed in International Business. Here are some of our resources to help you with your company.

Review these questions to see how prepared your company is to begin exporting products internationally. If your company is successfully doing business in the US, exporting is the next step.

Exporter’s Resource Database
In partnership with the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta and the University of Georgia SBDC, this Exporter’s Resource Database puts a wealth of trade information and export data at your fingertips. It includes information from the very basics of exporting, to advanced topics like international trade finance, global eCommerce, export documentation, and intellectual property protection.

Check to see if your company can support adding an import process to the current works. Importing is often a first step toward building a company with a broad international component.

Clear communication is crucial to all businesses and business people. Knowing the correct terminology for import and export procedures, policies and practice will make your work smoother. These are a few import and export related terms that we think everyone in international business should know.

Browse and download printable UTSA SBDC International Trade Center promotional material, training event brochures and presentaions as well as client management forms for you to fill out.


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