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In December of 2012, Floyd Akers, Executive Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC), and Ron Reid, CFO of 130 Commerce Center, LLC were referred to TIBA (Texas International Business Accelerator) — a program developed by the International Trade Center to provide high-quality advising services for foreign-direct-investment clients — for assistance on the new 130 Commerce Center, a 160-acre master-planned commercial development in Pflugerville, Texas. The planned commercial development will offer a progressive mix of industrial, office, and retail space.

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Casa 1921 LLC

Against the Odds, Creating New Spirts and Opening New Markets.

Since 1996 Mexican tequila producer Corporacion Licorera 1910 SA. has been exporting premium tequilas to the US. in 2005 they estabished Casa 1921 LLC in the US to more efficiently import and distribute their product to new markets.

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Cypress Creek Hardwoods

China imported $740 million in raw, un-cut timber from the United States in 2012. However, China is not the easiest market for U.S. companies seeking to supply China with U.S. timber. It is even more daunting for new exporters and even more so if the novice exporter's main business had little to do with forestry products. Despite these odds, Austin, Texas based Cypress Creek Hardwoods successfully established a customer base in China and is receiving on-going orders from Chinese wood distributors and fabricators.

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Renfro Foods

From Garage Business to International Markets

In 1940, George and his wife, Arthurine Renfro, co-founded George Renfro Food Company in the garage of their north Fort Worth home. In their new venture, they distributed packaged spices and pepper sauces throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

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Connexa Energy

Bringing Remote Solar and Uniterruptible Power Supplies to Industry

Connexa Energy, located in Boerne, Texas, is a manufacturer and distributor of remote and industrial power products and accessories for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), integrators, distributors and resellers across the country and around the world. Connexa Energy specializes in remote solar and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup applications with internal design/engineering, internal assemblies, and its own line of industrial power products.

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Guillén International

Guillén International is an international consulting company based in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in providing international marketing and logistics services. For the last twenty years, the owner Lorena Guillén has been helping small businesses succeed in global markets. With a philosophy of excellence and quality, this Texas-based firm is one of a kind.

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Founded in 2009, GreenStar is an innovative USA-based company designing, manufacturing, and distributing highly advanced, eco-friendly, and cost-saving light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems to municipalities and commercial businesses around the world.

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In 2009, Carlos Silva saw an opportunity to sell used heavy equipment to the construction and mining sectors in Latin America, particularly to companies in his native Colombia. His experience on dealerships and international trade as well as the growing demand generated by major investments to develop the construction, mining, oil and gas industries in several Latin American countries, especially those that fairly quickly recovered after the 2008 global recession, helped identified the business potential for used equipment.

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Bespoke Group LLC

Bespoke Group LLC, based in Irving, Texas, is a leading exporter of high quality dried pulses, or legumes, such as dried lentils, peas, and chickpeas. The annual global trade of pulses is a $3 billion industry. 

The United States is the second largest exporter of dried peas and third for dried lentils and accounts for about 15 percent of global exports.

Bespoke was established in 2004 with an initial focus on the Indian market, the world’s largest importer of dried lentils and peas. While India remains a major focus, Bespoke now exports to a network of buyers in more than 35 countries.
As commodities, pulses are very price sensitive, but the company has nonetheless developed strong, long-term relationships as a quality shipper to its customers world-wide. Other major markets for Bespoke include the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, South America and Russia, but the company has customers in every continent.

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E&G Coatings

The United States dumps more than 300 million scrap tires a year. These tires collect stagnant water, breeding disease-spreading mosquitoes and attracting vermin such as rats. When set ablaze, dumped tires are additionally devastating to the environment. E&G Coatings addresses this problem with its TIRE2COAT © energy-saving roof coating made from recycled tires. The product, used in San Antonio and Austin, is extending its reach throughout Latin America with the help of the International Trade Center.

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José Alejandro DeFlores, LLC Success Story


VOS was founded to answer a simple question: Can people afford to care?

VOS believes most people have a genuine desire to help others and the planet, but unfortunately the majority of these people don’t have the time or resources to have a significant impact on their own. Through their eco-friendly sandal and their Two Steps At A Time™ social initiative, VOS offers everyone the possibility to help others, keep the planet clean and they do it without asking people to spend more than what they usually spend.

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Guillén International is an international consulting company based in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in providing international marketing and logistics services. For the last twenty years, the owner Lorena Guillén has been helping small businesses succeed in global markets.

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