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CellRight Technologies

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the demand for the biotechnological applications of human tissue for regenerative medical application far exceeds the supply. The greatest impediments to commercializing this technology stem from immature regulatory regimes in many regions of the world, ill equip to manage the sensitive activity in this industry. Developed countries have taken a largely sterile, sober, and scientific approach. However, much of the developing world has seen black markets, human trafficking, and “transplant tourism” manifest where institutional and cultural hesitancy and discomfort have impeded the development of modernized regulatory regimes.

CellRight Technologies® executive leadership team has over 120 years of combined experience in healthcare and biologics.  In 2017, SBDC: SBDC International Trade Center Sr. Advisor Peter Grabiec began working with CellRight CEO Jesus Hernandez to assist in implementing an ambitious global expansion plan. Peter assisted CellRight by providing an industry overview of international markets, a framework of global and regional regulatory regimes, and an assessment of the state of and progress made in international standardization in the industry.

In early 2018 CellRight Technologies® participated in the first round of a pilot international business matchmaking program implemented by SBDCGlobal – a part of the SBDC International Trade Center– in partnership with our international SBDC’s across Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The assistance that we have received from SBDC has been instrumental to our ability to expand into global markets.” -Jesus Hernandez

With quality advising from the SBDC International Trade Center, the experienced and ambitious team of entrepreneurs at CellRight barrel ahead with their international expansion plans. Pioneering in the cutting-edge field of biotechnology, CellRight Technologies® works on the front lines in setting the standards for their industry on a global stage, as they reflect the excellence and innovation of the San Antonio community, the state of Texas, and our Nation as a whole.

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