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Success Stories

The International Trade Center was founded in 1992 with the premise that our success is measured by our clients’ results. We are proud of the successes that we have helped our clients achieve through out international trade consulting, international market research and innovative training programs.

  • IDZ Technologies Inc.

    IDZ Technologies Inc., located in San Antonio, TX, is an industry leader in automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tool and asset related tracking and management solutions. The RFID products from IDZ perform fully automated functions in inventory management, provide real time tracking, and facilitate decision making which helps to remove human errors while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing the utilization of resources, assets and equipment. Their specific system allows users the ability to track items with GPS, RFID and other technologies, as well as control physical access to tools and inventory items and to create detailed reports with information from the RFID trackers. IDZ’s RFID products are used by the US Air Force, and in diverse industries such as logistics, oil/gas/energy, and automotive.

  • Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

    In December of 2012, Floyd Akers, Executive Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC), and Ron Reid, CFO of 130 Commerce Center, LLC were referred to TIBA (Texas International Business Accelerator) — a program developed by the International Trade Center to provide high-quality advising services for foreign-direct-investment clients — for assistance on the new 130 Commerce Center, a 160-acre master-planned commercial development in Pflugerville, Texas. The planned commercial development will offer a progressive mix of industrial, office, and retail space.

  • CASA 1921 LLC

    Against the Odds, Creating New Spirts and Opening New Markets.

  • Cypress Creek Hardwoods

    China imported $740 million in raw, un-cut timber from the United States in 2012. However, China is not the easiest market for U.S. companies seeking to supply China with U.S. timber. It is even more daunting for new exporters and even more so if the novice exporter’s main business had little to do with forestry products. Despite these odds, Austin, Texas based Cypress Creek Hardwoods successfully established a customer base in China and is receiving on-going orders from Chinese wood distributors and fabricators.

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