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Mexican Congress and its Committee on the Economy Visit Downtown UTSA

Today is historical for the Institute for Economic Development (IED) at The University of Texas at San Antonio, as we are hosting a delegation of the Mexican Congress and its Committee on the Economy, who will be learning thoroughly about our SBDC and other programs as a potential model to incorporate into federal law and their economic development infrastructure in Mexico.

After visiting San Antonio, the Mexican Congressional delegation will subsequently visit Washington, D.C. to meet with the U.S. House Small Business Committee and the U.S. Small business Administration to learn of legislative and administrative implementation of this program.
This visit tremendous potential impact for benefits among both their small businesses and our Texas & US economy which is linked in so many ways through trade, labor markets, and global competitiveness as a region. President Ricardo Romo has also embraced this effort as a key part of UTSA global presence strategy, and built on our Mexican university partnerships to expand other exchange programs. Bottom line, an economically thriving neighbor and a collaborative relationship is beneficial for us all.

The Congressional delegation will be touring the Institute for Economic Development in a group over the middle of the day, from noon to 1:30 pm. The Institute will present a compelling story about how effective the IED and our programs are to the benefit of our regional economy, and that similar efforts in Mexico are worthy of pursuit.

Guests of Honor
The Economy Committee, Mexican Congress

Dip. Adriana Rodríguez Vizcarra, PAN, Guanajuato, Presidente de la Comisión
Dip. Arnulfo Cordero Alonso, PRI, Chiapas
Dip. Jorge Godoy Cárdenas, Convergencia, Estado de México
Dip. Fluvio Mendoza Maldonado, PRD, Michoacán
Dip. Jorge Salum del Palacio, PRI, Chihuahua
Dip. Javier Zambrano Elizondo, PAN, Nuevo León

The IED is also hosting a client showcase in the Durango Building – Southwest Room from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, and will offer dessert and coffee, and a chance to interact informally with our visitors and discuss our work. The media is invited to attend. Parking is available on the top level of the Downtown UTSA parking garage.


Background: The SBDC International Trade Center recently embarked on a second three-year training program in Mexico. This program, says the center’s director, Cliff Paredes, is part of President George W. Bush’s and former Mexican President Vincente Fox’s Partnership for Prosperity.

International Trade Center (ITC) officials will hold three-day training seminars with participating universities across Mexico every three or four months as part of the program. The seminars will provide information on how to establish, host and grow a network of small-business development centers in Mexico and provide technical assistance.

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