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UTSA to Begin Certificate Training for Future SBDC Counselors and Directors in Santiago, Chile

San Antonio, October 01, 2014 – The International Trade Center, an SBDC at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Institute of Economic Development, announced today that it will begin a three-module Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Counselor and Director Certificate Training in Santiago, Chile.

SBDCs, established throughout the US by the federal government in partnership with state governments and universities and colleges, assist entrepreneurs and business owners in establishing and growing their businesses through a free and confidential suite of advising services. Services include, but not limited to, feasibility studies, business strategy, financial planning, marketing, production and professional networking. The Centers support new and existing businesses.

The goal of the SBDC Counselor and Director Certificate Training is to transfer the SBDC model methodology and train professionals on how to manage and operate an economic impact-producing SBDC. This training is part of the International Trade Center and Institute for Economic Development’s International SBDC Expansion Initiative that, with the support of the US Department of State, has been helping countries to develop US modeled SBDC networks in the Americas since 2003.

Over the course of three live training modules, the International Trade Center will provide the SBDC Counselor and Director Certificate Training to 150 professionals from public, private and academic sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations. Due to great interest, the training will also be broadcasted simultaneously on the web to business development professionals throughout Chile.

Among those in attendance at the live training will be Luis Céspedes, Minister of Economy, Chile; Katia Trusic, Sub-Secretary Ministry of Economy, Chile; Bernardo Troncoso, General Manager, SERCOTEC, Chile; Ricardo Bosnic, National Assistant Director, PROCHILE, Chile; and Marianne Scott, Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy Santiago de Chile.

Beyond the Certificate training, the International Trade Center will assist SERCOTEC (Servicio de Cooperacion Tecnica of the Chilean Ministry of Economy) to develop a manual of operations for the future Chilean SBDC network, create tools to assess economic impact, and design a plan to launch the first 33 pilot centers across Chile in 2015.

UTSA International Trade Center Director Cliff Paredes, and Sr. International Business Consultant Monica Alcoz will conduct UTSA’s Counselor and Director Certificate Training. The first module begins October 8-10, 2014.

“Chile is a believer in the success of the US SBDC model that we have been training countries to adapt to their local market,” said Cliff Paredes, Director of the International Trade Center. “We are confident that they will maximize the creation of economic impact for SME’s in Chile, and rapidly develop their pilot network of SBDCs once they have complete the Certificate coursework and follow-up.”

The International Trade Center at UTSA is one of the largest and most successful trade assistance organizations in Texas. It helps companies become globally competitive through technical trade consulting, customized market research and innovative training programs. The center is a specialty SBDC program in the South-West Texas Border SBDC Network. Follow them on Twitter (@TexasTrade) and like them on Facebook (

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