Twin Aviation Inc.

Twin Aviation Inc., located in Jourdanton, TX, is an ASA-100 accredited independent distributor of aircraft parts and supplies. Their emphasis is on military aircraft equipment, in particular the Black Hawk helicopter, which is seeing rapid adoption in non-military applications throughout the world; they also stock and repair parts for a variety of other aircraft. Twin Aviation Inc. has developed a system that allows them to provide customers with parts much faster than many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers. Through advanced inventory management, deep market knowledge, and experience the company can make very accurate projections about the needs of their customers and be ready for a variety of part orders globally. Beyond distributing, rebuilding, and selling parts, they also have a team of mechanics that they send into the field to make repairs at a moments notice for their customers on site.

Twin Aviation Inc. Vice President Sergio Gonzalez first met with International Trade Center Senior International Business Advisor Berenice Carmona in 2007 to strengthen their overseas capacity. Through various engagements, Twin Aviation Inc. has gotten high quality country and industry specific market research, analysis of potential buyers and sellers in target markets, guidance on expanding into new global markets, and assistance with export control compliance.

“Export compliance is tricky; there are a number of sets of rules to follow and the penalties for not getting it right can be severe,” said Gonzalez. “I came to the International Trade Center for assistance in putting together a in-house export compliance program. Working with Berenice on that and other projects has helped us to get where we are today.”

As a result of the assistance received, Twin Aviation Inc. has been able to reach out into new countries and expand its existing business. This year they have had a 200% increase in sales, and now have major contracts in Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey and very soon will be expanding into the Middle East. They have also developed their own in-house export compliance program based on the work that the International Trade Center provided.

Going forward, in addition to continued market research and export compliance assistance, the International Trade Center is investigating the possibility of an Export Import Bank loan for Twin Aviation Inc.

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