Online Import Training

Online Import Training

Global Sourcing Essentials: The Mechanics of Importing into the US – Now Online!

The UTSA SBDC International Trade Center is now offering its Global Sourcing Essentials course online. This class is designed for those businesses and individuals who want to start importing into the United States. From how to find the right suppliers to quality control issues, this course is packed with the latest import regulations and practical tools that will help you launch and operate a profitable global sourcing business.

To access the tutorial, please click on each section of the agenda:

1. Importing overview
2. Is importing really cheaper?
3. Finding qualified suppliers
4. Supplier selection, management and quality control (Part A)
4. Supplier selection, management and quality control (Part B)
5. The importation process (Part A)
5. The importation process (Part B)
6. Understanding U.S. Customs (Part A)
6. Understanding U.S. Customs (Part B)
7. Paying for your imports
8. Other considerations – Coming soon
9. China Vs. Mexico – Coming soon


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