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SpeedTech Lights

SpeedTech Lights is a Texas-based manufacturer of emergency vehicle lighting and sound signaling equipment, such as LED light bars and sirens and speakers.  The company produces a full range of emergency signaling equipment and recently moved into a new, large headquarters and production facility, reflecting the company’s rapid growth and anticipated future growth. High quality products and a focus on customer service are key to the company’s success.

The company was founded in 2004 and began to export in 2007, initially to Central America.

Today, SpeedTech Lights views exporting as a key factor in company growth, and its products can be found in over 40 countries. The company hopes to move well beyond this number, eventually reaching all countries where U.S. regulations permit emergency vehicle light and sound signaling equipment to be shipped. Challenges remain, particularly concerning educating customers on logistics costs and customs clearance. The company works with new customers to ensure products arrive by the most affordable and quickest transportation method.

The SBDC UTSA International Trade Center began working with SpeedTech Lights in 2016 to extend its reach globally and has focused on identifying potential distributors in Central, South America, and the Caribbean. Company Vice President Ferdous Deyaf notes, ”The data that the International Trade Center compiles allows us to pinpoint potential customers.  This resource is something that all small businesses looking to export should use.  Anything that takes the world and puts it in the palm of your hands is a resource well worth using.  That’s how we view the International Trade Center”.

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