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On the Spot Cleaning

The Maldonado family began their entrepreneurial journey in Honduras more than 10 years ago. Although they had previous experience working in the corporate world, they wished to build their own success and business. Through their hard work and dedication, they successfully opened and managed two businesses in their home country. However, they still longed for more and searched for opportunities to create a better life. After a visit to San Antonio solidified their desire to chase the American Dream, the Maldonado family realized the city’s potential growth and decided to invest their life savings in the pursuit of business opportunities in the city.

In their quest, they discovered Vanguard Cleaning Systems, a top ranked cleaning service franchise. The family quickly contacted the Texas International Business Accelerator (TIBA) for assistance in developing an investment business plan they would be able to use as a guide for their new business, as well as for their investment visa application. Maria Jose Buendia, one of our Foreign Investment Specialists supported the family’s vision and worked closely with them during the business planning process. Besides offering them valuable resources and tools to fully develop their strategic plan, TIBA also connected the Maldonado family with other professionals that assisted them with their visa application and the purchase of the franchise.

Today, the Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise is now open for business and known as On the Spot Cleaning. On the Spot Cleaning currently provides high-quality commercial and residential cleaning services throughout the city of San Antonio. Future expansion plans include increasing the company’s sales and workforce up to 15 jobs, which is expected to bring great economic impact to the city in return.

TIBA takes pride in helping clients like the Maldonado who are working towards achieving their dreams. Our clients come from all parts of the world with different business ideas and investment funds. The one thing they all have in common is their desire for a better life and their willingness to work hard to reach their goals. The TIBA program is committed to working alongside clients and helping them bring businesses to life. TIBA will continue to offer On the Spot Cleaning assistance in the near future to support their goal of becoming a leader in the janitorial service industry.

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