Success Stories

The International Trade Center was founded in 1992 with the premise that our success is measured by our clients’ results. We are proud of the successes that we have helped our clients achieve through out international trade consulting, international market research and innovative training programs.

  • The Transtec Group, Inc.

    Most countries lack Transtec’s personnel’s expertise, creating a dramatic need for their services internationally, resulting in projects of fifteen countries on four countries. The International Trade Center has worked with Transtec since 2005 to identify international opportunities through market research. As company president, Dan Rozycki, notes, “With the help of the International Trade Center at UTSA, we get the data we need to understand a market 10,000 miles away, right from our desks”. The result has been consistent growth of the company’s international business as well as its reputation globally.

  • Battery Concepts International

    International customers are a major and increasingly strong part of BCI’s customer base and John Kenemore, President of BCI, is strongly committed to growing its international business. He participated in the Export Leaders, a program through the City of San Antonio’s Department of International Affairs and the SBDC Southwest-Border International Trade Center (and sponsored by the SBA) to increase his understanding of exporting and how his company could benefit.

  • Rainbow Play Systems International

    As Alberto Rodriguez-Baez, V.P. of International Sales likes to remark: “Monica’s team has provided with in-depth, timely, comprehensive market research for several countries that we are targeting for expansion. This information has been critical for the targeting of the right candidates. Monica and her team are fast, efficient, and the quality of the information is superb.”

  • Austinuts

    Founded in 1993, Austinuts is an Austin-based company specializing in processing fresh nuts into dry roasted gourmet nuts. Austinuts began as a retail outlet in the Texas capital City and the company has since expanded into the wholesale sector, selling to a multitude of customers such as convenience stores, gift shops and national grocery store chains.


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