Success Stories

The International Trade Center was founded in 1992 with the premise that our success is measured by our clients’ results. We are proud of the successes that we have helped our clients achieve through out international trade consulting, international market research and innovative training programs.

  • McMillan Flow Control

    The McMillan Company is a leading manufacturer of compact flow sensors, switches, and controllers that are used in multiple industries, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive fuel consumption research, pharmaceutical research, water quality monitoring, and scientific research. With less than 50 employees, the Georgetown, Texas-based company is considered a leader in its field.
    Exporting is key for its business as McMillan products are found on nearly every continent and account for above 40 percent of the sales. The company faces various common problems for small manufacturing exporters, including timely payments by foreign buyers, cultural and language issues, and finding distributors interested in selling solutions, rather than simply adding their product line.

  • El Paso Rubber Recycling

    El Paso Rubber Recycling, located in El Paso, Texas, is a company dedicated to importing rubber scrap from Mexico, processing the scrap into recycled rubber, and manufacturing rubber products from the recycled rubber. The company’s mission is to be the best at discovering and repurposing materials that would otherwise end up at landfills through specialized technologies and exceptional service.
    El Paso Rubber Recycling was founded by UTEP students with a focus on international business activities. Its business model is defined by the ability to import rubber scrap from manufacturing companies in Mexico, and then process this scrap rubber into recycled rubber for different applications such as mulch, chips, decorative bricks for landscaping, etc., which in turn will be sold domestically and also exported.

  • Lumenflex

    Back in 2011, Philip Gold thought there was a need for incorporating wearable LED lighting that could be attached to safety gear. Existing lights for bicycles, motorcycles, and construction helmets were generally of low intensity that failed to illuminate enough to significantly impact visibility. A mechanical engineer by training, Philip developed an LED lighting system for motorcycle helmets. With a U.S. patent application under review, Lumenflex was born. Supported by strong product reviews, the motorcycle helmets quickly became popular at motorcycle rallies and trade shows, enabling slow but steady company growth. Word of mouth and having the chance to see the superior features of Lumenflex products have been critical to the company’s success. Over time, the initial product evolved into designs for bicycle helmets, baseball caps, construction hard hats and safety lights for runners.

  • IDZ Technologies Inc.

    IDZ Technologies Inc., located in San Antonio, TX, is an industry leader in automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tool and asset related tracking and management solutions. The RFID products from IDZ perform fully automated functions in inventory management, provide real time tracking, and facilitate decision making which helps to remove human errors while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing the utilization of resources, assets and equipment. Their specific system allows users the ability to track items with GPS, RFID and other technologies, as well as control physical access to tools and inventory items and to create detailed reports with information from the RFID trackers. IDZ’s RFID products are used by the US Air Force, and in diverse industries such as logistics, oil/gas/energy, and automotive.


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