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McMillan Flow Control

The McMillan Company is a leading manufacturer of compact flow sensors, switches, and controllers that are used in multiple industries, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive fuel consumption research, pharmaceutical research, water quality monitoring, and scientific research. With less than 50 employees, the Georgetown, Texas-based company is considered a leader in its field.
Exporting is key for its business as McMillan products are found on nearly every continent and account for above 40 percent of the sales. The company faces various common problems for small manufacturing exporters, including timely payments by foreign buyers, cultural and language issues, and finding distributors interested in selling solutions, rather than simply adding their product line.

Currently, McMillan’s major export markets include Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. The International Trade Center has been working with McMillan to grow their export sales by identifying new customers in the United Kingdom and Canadian markets and will shortly undertake a study of opportunities in Australia. Mariann Jones, the company’s point of contact with the ITC notes:
“The ITC has been of assistance in helping us identify possible sales opportunities as well as possible new distributors. It has also helped us identify who might be our competition and where they are located. This is important to us because we need to know which products we have stiff competition for and which ones we don’t, so we can focus on finding customers and distributors for the products that we both do best and are most unique to the market.”

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