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IDZ Technologies Inc.

IDZ Technologies Inc., located in San Antonio, TX, is an industry leader in automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tool and asset related tracking and management solutions. The RFID products from IDZ perform fully automated functions in inventory management, provide real time tracking, and facilitate decision making which helps to remove human errors while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing the utilization of resources, assets and equipment. Their specific system allows users the ability to track items with GPS, RFID and other technologies, as well as control physical access to tools and inventory items and to create detailed reports with information from the RFID trackers. IDZ’s RFID products are used by the US Air Force, and in diverse industries such as logistics, oil/gas/energy, and automotive.

IDZ came to the International Trade Center in 2012 when they were facing the challenge of exporting their RFID products. Since their products are used in the aerospace industry, export compliance is a special concern. Through several advising engagements, Senior International Business Advisor Monica Alcoz helped them to understand and comply with complicated US export control regulations and identify correct Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) for their products. Additional support for the company has been made through market research, marketing and promotion advising and training.

“When it comes to export control, there is always a huge sense of responsibility, but at the same time, urgency,” said Adalberto Terán, CEO of IDZ. “Many questions arise and even more if you are innovating and creating new technologies for a very complex and controlled industry like aerospace. Monica Alcoz and the International Trade Center team were a professional, timely, and invaluable resource who worked quickly and with deep knowledge to support our decisions.”

As a result of the assistance received, IDZ has expanded into new markets and now exports to Canada, Europe and Oceania. Additionally, their products are being used in new ways, which include tracking miners, checking in/out weapons for police training facilities, as well as tracking for special equipment such as tablets and laptops.

“We anticipate continuous growth in exports of our products and the need of more support from our friends at the International Trade Center,” said Terán. Moving ahead, the Center is continuing to assist IDZ through market research and training.

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