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Founded in 2009, GreenStar is an innovative USA-based company designing, manufacturing, and distributing highly advanced, eco-friendly, and cost-saving light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems to municipalities and commercial businesses around the world.

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GreenStar is dedicated to delivering outstanding quality, an innovative product line and excellent customer service. Its team is comprised of award-winning and recognized entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals who are passionate about leading the lighting revolution and preserving our planet through the efficient use of resources. It is this common drive that brings them together and allows them to lend their cumulative wisdom and experience to this fascinating new industry.

A highly professional team, patented designs and technologies, top of the line components, and outstanding customer service is how Green Star LED strives to provide the best LED lighting solutions in the industry.

GreenStar contacted the International Trade Center in 2011 to request assistance in researching potential new clients in Mexico, Central, and South America. Alberto Rodriguez-Baez, Sr. International Business Consultant, led this consulting and research project, providing Green Star with lists of potential distributors in the regions mentioned above, suggestions for communications channels for the promotion of the products abroad, and in-depth strategic industry intelligence. As a result, GreenStar was able to reach out into new countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina, and expand its existing footprint in Mexico and Brazil.

“Our consultant, Alberto Rodriguez-Baez, is very knowledgeable in international business and very helpful with his research team. The information provided about potential distributors abroad is invaluable. He went above and beyond of what we initially requested. He has kept in touch after our initial project and has provided us timely and useful information,” said Gabriel Senior, GreenStar’s CFO.

A second consulting and research project for identifying potential distributors in additional countries was conducted, resulting in new distributors in Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

“We are looking forward to continue growing our international distributor network and we are excited to have a strategic ally in the International Trade Center, whose services are invaluable for our global expansion plans,” added Mr. Senior.

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