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El Paso Rubber Recycling

El Paso Rubber Recycling, located in El Paso, Texas, is a company dedicated to importing rubber scrap from Mexico, processing the scrap into recycled rubber, and manufacturing rubber products from the recycled rubber. The company’s mission is to be the best at discovering and repurposing materials that would otherwise end up at landfills through specialized technologies and exceptional service.
El Paso Rubber Recycling was founded by UTEP students with a focus on international business activities. Its business model is defined by the ability to import rubber scrap from manufacturing companies in Mexico, and then process this scrap rubber into recycled rubber for different applications such as mulch, chips, decorative bricks for landscaping, etc., which in turn will be sold domestically and also exported.

Thus, they contacted the ITC because they needed international trade advising and training which were provided by one of our senior international business advisors. As a result of the assistance received, El Paso Rubber Recycling has successfully conducted its first importation of two rubber scrap containers from Mexico for $15,000, retaining 3 jobs.

“As a new company, we needed to receive immediate assistance to understand the technicalities of importing, the dos and don’ts, and answers to all our international trade questions to successfully conduct our first import. We contacted El Paso SBDC and they put us in touch with Alberto Rodriguez-Baez at UTSA’s International Trade Center. He has answered our questions and provided invaluable guidance, training and resources”, said Alberto Gonzalez, president of El Paso Rubber Recycling and one of its founders.
“Importing the scrap rubber is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It will allow us to manufacture recycled rubber goods that we will sell in the US and abroad. We will be contacting Alberto again to receive assistance to export our products. I highly recommend the International Trade Center services to anyone involved in international trade.”

The next step is to provide El Paso Rubber Recycling’s staff with international marketing and sales training in order to successfully export their products.

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