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Bespoke Group LLC Receives Presidential Award for Exports

Irving, Texas, May 23, 2019 — Today, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross presented BESPOKE GROUP LLC with the President’s “E” Star Award for Exports at a Presidential Ceremony in Washington, D.C.. In total, Secretary Ross honored 48 U.S. companies with the President’s “E” Award, the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

“The “E” Award Committee was very impressed with the Bespoke Group’s strategies for successfully combating trade barriers. The company’s export growth since receiving the President’s “E” Award for Exports in 2015 was also particularly notable. The Bespoke Group’s achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American Jobs.” said Secretary Ross in his congratulatory letter to the company announcing its selection as an award recipient.

BESPOKE GROUP LLC is a Processor & Exporter of Dry Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas & Beans grown in the U.S.A. The business model of Bespoke Group is designed to bring win-win for not only all stakeholders of their Global Supply Chain, but also for key contributors who are American Growers who are at the source beginning of the Supply Chain as well as World Consumers who are on the other side of the ocean and at the destination end of the Global Supply Chain.

Exports are critical to economic growth and job creation in communities across the country. With more than 96 percent of world’s consumer living outside the United States, opening more markets to US grown produce is fundamental to our nation’s competitiveness, job creation and economic security of our families said Mr. Divyesh Patel, who serves as CEO of the group and we are honored to receive the “E” Star Award.”

In 2018, U.S. exports were the highest on record with U.S. services at $821.1 billion and U.S. exports of goods reaching $1.7 trillion, demonstrating how American private enterprise can not only survive, but thrive, in the international market but that is not enough when we compare it with Japan or Germany’s exports and that is why acknowledging and sharing such milestones to creative people of the country and reaching out to all to inviting to collaborate is more important and key for our people, leadership & country.

Record years of successive export growth and an applicant’s demonstration of impact in five areas of Innovation, Economic Growth, Measurable Impact, Sustainable Impact & Job Creation along with innovative marketing plan in collaboration with SBDC Team led to increase in exports.

SBDC and ITC in collaboration with Institute of Economic Development has been working with Mr. Patel & his organization and it is our experience that Mr. Patel’s leadership & strength in this key areas have been a great contributor to the success.

Vision & Innovation:
Mr. Divyesh K. Patel has a global vision based on his solid track record in creation of unique Global Supply Chain with ‘Farm to Market’ business model & with his own retail brand with market for life.

Sustainable Impact:
Mr. Patel has created and developed three unique sales channels through which business is guaranteed 365 days/year regardless of change in any influencing factors such as currency, oil and/or market sentiments/business confidence.

Making a Difference:
Mr. Patel’s wish is to continue making a difference though utilizing his wisdom, investor & opportunity identification caliber, sharing his global knowledge, & offering leadership & support to many stakeholders like us including the Government of United States of America.

Mr. Patel has invested into processing facility here in the United States and has been committed to and focused on growing the Processing, Exporting & retailing side of the business.

Certain investors or trading partners including people in the Government leadership are usually very sophisticated and conduct an extraordinary amount of due diligence on any business ventures or change they are considering.

Given the diverse nature of statistics of data & dealings from large trading countries like India as an example for doing business where investors or trading partners or leaders are of above unique kind, they connect easier and faster if they are given hand holding of an individual such as of Mr. Patel who was born and comes from enterprising business family (From State of Gujarat) in India. These prospering and proven ‘Gujarati Business Community’ is well known as amongst “best of the best” of business people in the world.

Current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is from the state of Gujarat and the entire World is witnessing the fact ‘how confidence level’ is at its peak in the entire country of India today.

“Gujarati” business people are known for their best practice in due diligence and having a resource of Gujarati business person on our side can play timely and very impactful role when it comes to ‘creating right environment’ for making directional decisions and/or knowledge and expertise in the industry represented, trade matters decisions and diversity among sectors, product lines, firm size, geographic areas and demographic groups.

Finding or creating a sound stable trade environment demands right partnership and spirit. Quality & depth of interest of partners or stakeholders available also contributes towards confidence building which is key in smooth trade. One core skill of Mr. Patel is to identify opportunities in a challenging environment and partner up at the right time and place. With his entrepreneurship dynamism, he is able to quickly find, connect and partner up to capitalize on every opportunity in hand and ahead.

It is all about timely finding opportunity, partner, stakeholder and educating stakeholder so one can make informed decision. Track record shows that Mr. Patel’s planned initiatives and persistent approach combined with right knowledge and positive energy & timely action, has helped him continue to make significant contribution in his business ventures as well as his community building efforts.

Dallas based entrepreneur Mr. Divyesh Patel continues to be a key impact creator in this contribution to the US economy. Under his leadership and vision, Bespoke Group LLC created ‘From US Farms to World Market supply chain facilitating not only American farmers but also consumers of the world who are able to enjoy high quality Pulses (Legumes) in their diet.

To learn more about Mr. Patel & his organization, visit or or or

CellRight Technologies

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the demand for the biotechnological applications of human tissue for regenerative medical application far exceeds the supply. The greatest impediments to commercializing this technology stem from immature regulatory regimes in many regions of the world, ill equip to manage the sensitive activity in this industry. Developed countries have taken a largely sterile, sober, and scientific approach. However, much of the developing world has seen black markets, human trafficking, and “transplant tourism” manifest where institutional and cultural hesitancy and discomfort have impeded the development of modernized regulatory regimes.

CellRight Technologies® executive leadership team has over 120 years of combined experience in healthcare and biologics.  In 2017, SBDC: SBDC International Trade Center Sr. Advisor Peter Grabiec began working with CellRight CEO Jesus Hernandez to assist in implementing an ambitious global expansion plan. Peter assisted CellRight by providing an industry overview of international markets, a framework of global and regional regulatory regimes, and an assessment of the state of and progress made in international standardization in the industry.

In early 2018 CellRight Technologies® participated in the first round of a pilot international business matchmaking program implemented by SBDCGlobal – a part of the SBDC International Trade Center– in partnership with our international SBDC’s across Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The assistance that we have received from SBDC has been instrumental to our ability to expand into global markets.” -Jesus Hernandez

With quality advising from the SBDC International Trade Center, the experienced and ambitious team of entrepreneurs at CellRight barrel ahead with their international expansion plans. Pioneering in the cutting-edge field of biotechnology, CellRight Technologies® works on the front lines in setting the standards for their industry on a global stage, as they reflect the excellence and innovation of the San Antonio community, the state of Texas, and our Nation as a whole.

To learn more about CellRight Technologies, please visit

SpeedTech Lights

SpeedTech Lights is a Texas-based manufacturer of emergency vehicle lighting and sound signaling equipment, such as LED light bars and sirens and speakers.  The company produces a full range of emergency signaling equipment and recently moved into a new, large headquarters and production facility, reflecting the company’s rapid growth and anticipated future growth. High quality products and a focus on customer service are key to the company’s success.

The company was founded in 2004 and began to export in 2007, initially to Central America.

Today, SpeedTech Lights views exporting as a key factor in company growth, and its products can be found in over 40 countries. The company hopes to move well beyond this number, eventually reaching all countries where U.S. regulations permit emergency vehicle light and sound signaling equipment to be shipped. Challenges remain, particularly concerning educating customers on logistics costs and customs clearance. The company works with new customers to ensure products arrive by the most affordable and quickest transportation method.

The SBDC UTSA International Trade Center began working with SpeedTech Lights in 2016 to extend its reach globally and has focused on identifying potential distributors in Central, South America, and the Caribbean. Company Vice President Ferdous Deyaf notes, ”The data that the International Trade Center compiles allows us to pinpoint potential customers.  This resource is something that all small businesses looking to export should use.  Anything that takes the world and puts it in the palm of your hands is a resource well worth using.  That’s how we view the International Trade Center”.

To learn more about SpeedTech Lights, visit

Domos Water Technologies

Domos Water Technologies is a subsidiary of a well-known Mexican public works and construction company called Grupo Oneo, which was founded 27 years ago under their previous name, Grupo Domos. One of their business lines, which is focused on the design, construction and operation of municipal water treatment plants, conducts its activities under the name Domos Agua.

As Domos Agua decided to expand its services to the United States, they established a new business in Dallas, Texas called Domos Water Technologies. The goal is to use that location to manage sales and projects for water treatment plants that will be manufactured in Mexico and readied for distribution in the U.S.
Francisco Arias, Domos Water Technologies’ President, thus found himself in need of an investment business plan to guide the company throughout this implementation process. He was referred to the Texas International Business Accelerator program by the City of San Antonio’s Casa program, which promotes investment and trade to San Antonio and Texas out of Mexico City.

The TIBA staff worked closely with Domos Water Technologies’ executives and offered business planning expertise, business advice and an investment plan among other resources that the company was able to utilize as valuable tools. With TIBA’s assistance, Domos Water Technologies created three U.S. jobs and is now working towards reaching $900,000 in sales during their first year of operations.

To learn more about McMillan Control Flow, visit

On the Spot Cleaning

The Maldonado family began their entrepreneurial journey in Honduras more than 10 years ago. Although they had previous experience working in the corporate world, they wished to build their own success and business. Through their hard work and dedication, they successfully opened and managed two businesses in their home country. However, they still longed for more and searched for opportunities to create a better life. After a visit to San Antonio solidified their desire to chase the American Dream, the Maldonado family realized the city’s potential growth and decided to invest their life savings in the pursuit of business opportunities in the city.

In their quest, they discovered Vanguard Cleaning Systems, a top ranked cleaning service franchise. The family quickly contacted the Texas International Business Accelerator (TIBA) for assistance in developing an investment business plan they would be able to use as a guide for their new business, as well as for their investment visa application. Maria Jose Buendia, one of our Foreign Investment Specialists supported the family’s vision and worked closely with them during the business planning process. Besides offering them valuable resources and tools to fully develop their strategic plan, TIBA also connected the Maldonado family with other professionals that assisted them with their visa application and the purchase of the franchise.

Today, the Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise is now open for business and known as On the Spot Cleaning. On the Spot Cleaning currently provides high-quality commercial and residential cleaning services throughout the city of San Antonio. Future expansion plans include increasing the company’s sales and workforce up to 15 jobs, which is expected to bring great economic impact to the city in return.

TIBA takes pride in helping clients like the Maldonado who are working towards achieving their dreams. Our clients come from all parts of the world with different business ideas and investment funds. The one thing they all have in common is their desire for a better life and their willingness to work hard to reach their goals. The TIBA program is committed to working alongside clients and helping them bring businesses to life. TIBA will continue to offer On the Spot Cleaning assistance in the near future to support their goal of becoming a leader in the janitorial service industry.

McMillan Flow Control

The McMillan Company is a leading manufacturer of compact flow sensors, switches, and controllers that are used in multiple industries, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive fuel consumption research, pharmaceutical research, water quality monitoring, and scientific research. With less than 50 employees, the Georgetown, Texas-based company is considered a leader in its field.
Exporting is key for its business as McMillan products are found on nearly every continent and account for above 40 percent of the sales. The company faces various common problems for small manufacturing exporters, including timely payments by foreign buyers, cultural and language issues, and finding distributors interested in selling solutions, rather than simply adding their product line.

Currently, McMillan’s major export markets include Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. The International Trade Center has been working with McMillan to grow their export sales by identifying new customers in the United Kingdom and Canadian markets and will shortly undertake a study of opportunities in Australia. Mariann Jones, the company’s point of contact with the ITC notes:
“The ITC has been of assistance in helping us identify possible sales opportunities as well as possible new distributors. It has also helped us identify who might be our competition and where they are located. This is important to us because we need to know which products we have stiff competition for and which ones we don’t, so we can focus on finding customers and distributors for the products that we both do best and are most unique to the market.”

To learn more about McMillan Control Flow, visit

El Paso Rubber Recycling

El Paso Rubber Recycling, located in El Paso, Texas, is a company dedicated to importing rubber scrap from Mexico, processing the scrap into recycled rubber, and manufacturing rubber products from the recycled rubber. The company’s mission is to be the best at discovering and repurposing materials that would otherwise end up at landfills through specialized technologies and exceptional service.
El Paso Rubber Recycling was founded by UTEP students with a focus on international business activities. Its business model is defined by the ability to import rubber scrap from manufacturing companies in Mexico, and then process this scrap rubber into recycled rubber for different applications such as mulch, chips, decorative bricks for landscaping, etc., which in turn will be sold domestically and also exported.

Thus, they contacted the ITC because they needed international trade advising and training which were provided by one of our senior international business advisors. As a result of the assistance received, El Paso Rubber Recycling has successfully conducted its first importation of two rubber scrap containers from Mexico for $15,000, retaining 3 jobs.

“As a new company, we needed to receive immediate assistance to understand the technicalities of importing, the dos and don’ts, and answers to all our international trade questions to successfully conduct our first import. We contacted El Paso SBDC and they put us in touch with Alberto Rodriguez-Baez at UTSA’s International Trade Center. He has answered our questions and provided invaluable guidance, training and resources”, said Alberto Gonzalez, president of El Paso Rubber Recycling and one of its founders.
“Importing the scrap rubber is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It will allow us to manufacture recycled rubber goods that we will sell in the US and abroad. We will be contacting Alberto again to receive assistance to export our products. I highly recommend the International Trade Center services to anyone involved in international trade.”

The next step is to provide El Paso Rubber Recycling’s staff with international marketing and sales training in order to successfully export their products.


Back in 2011, Philip Gold thought there was a need for incorporating wearable LED lighting that could be attached to safety gear. Existing lights for bicycles, motorcycles, and construction helmets were generally of low intensity that failed to illuminate enough to significantly impact visibility. A mechanical engineer by training, Philip developed an LED lighting system for motorcycle helmets. With a U.S. patent application under review, Lumenflex was born. Supported by strong product reviews, the motorcycle helmets quickly became popular at motorcycle rallies and trade shows, enabling slow but steady company growth. Word of mouth and having the chance to see the superior features of Lumenflex products have been critical to the company’s success. Over time, the initial product evolved into designs for bicycle helmets, baseball caps, construction hard hats and safety lights for runners.

Internet visibility also brought Lumenflex another type of customer. Inquiries began to flow in from potential customers in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and elsewhere.
With little background in developing and handling exports, Lumenflex began working with Doug Smith of the International Trade Center, who helped Philip understand the logistical issues of selling internationally and providing market research and strategies to more specifically target customers abroad. Currently, the company has customers in Canada and is working on forming distributorships in the U.K.

Lumenflex anticipates continued international growth as additional distributors abroad are identified and put in place.

To learn more about Lumenflex, visit 

IDZ Technologies Inc.

IDZ Technologies Inc., located in San Antonio, TX, is an industry leader in automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tool and asset related tracking and management solutions. The RFID products from IDZ perform fully automated functions in inventory management, provide real time tracking, and facilitate decision making which helps to remove human errors while increasing operational efficiency and maximizing the utilization of resources, assets and equipment. Their specific system allows users the ability to track items with GPS, RFID and other technologies, as well as control physical access to tools and inventory items and to create detailed reports with information from the RFID trackers. IDZ’s RFID products are used by the US Air Force, and in diverse industries such as logistics, oil/gas/energy, and automotive.

IDZ came to the International Trade Center in 2012 when they were facing the challenge of exporting their RFID products. Since their products are used in the aerospace industry, export compliance is a special concern. Through several advising engagements, Senior International Business Advisor Monica Alcoz helped them to understand and comply with complicated US export control regulations and identify correct Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) for their products. Additional support for the company has been made through market research, marketing and promotion advising and training.

“When it comes to export control, there is always a huge sense of responsibility, but at the same time, urgency,” said Adalberto Terán, CEO of IDZ. “Many questions arise and even more if you are innovating and creating new technologies for a very complex and controlled industry like aerospace. Monica Alcoz and the International Trade Center team were a professional, timely, and invaluable resource who worked quickly and with deep knowledge to support our decisions.”

As a result of the assistance received, IDZ has expanded into new markets and now exports to Canada, Europe and Oceania. Additionally, their products are being used in new ways, which include tracking miners, checking in/out weapons for police training facilities, as well as tracking for special equipment such as tablets and laptops.

“We anticipate continuous growth in exports of our products and the need of more support from our friends at the International Trade Center,” said Terán. Moving ahead, the Center is continuing to assist IDZ through market research and training.

To learn more about IDZ Technologies Inc., visit

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

In December of 2012, Floyd Akers, Executive Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC), and Ron Reid, CFO of 130 Commerce Center, LLC were referred to TIBA (Texas International Business Accelerator) — a program developed by the International Trade Center to provide high-quality advising services for foreign-direct-investment clients — for assistance on the new 130 Commerce Center, a 160-acre master-planned commercial development in Pflugerville, Texas. The planned commercial development will offer a progressive mix of industrial, office, and retail space.

Strategically located near the new SH 130 toll highway, 130 Commerce Center, LLC has been conceived to exemplify the principles and best practices of mixed-use development, clean energy, and sustainability. It will provide high quality, state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to become a leader in the commercial real estate market in Texas.

An EB-5 Regional Center referred the team at 130 Commerce Center, LLC and PCDC to Sr. International Business Consultant Jaime A. Martinez of TIBA. The first set of projects completed in 2013 was to assist in qualifying the development as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) — an area with at least 150% of the national unemployment rate — and to develop their investment business plan in order to qualify for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) EB-5 Foreign Investor Pilot Program. Both the TEA designation and the investment business plan are needed to approve the project for the EB-5 program which requires that: 1) foreign investors commit $500,000 – $1 million, or more, in a U.S. business and 2) create 10 jobs per investor; in return investors are eligible to obtain residency after 2 years, and may be able to obtain citizenship after 5 years with a full return on their investment. The EB-5 foreign investment funds will assist for the construction of the 130 Commerce Center developments and other infrastructure needs.

Jaime and his team worked closely with Floyd Akers and Ron Reid to perform a study of the development area for a TEA designation as well as the creation of an investment business plan to provide to the USCIS in support of their EB-5 application.

Once off the ground, 130 Commerce Center, LLC is expected to generate hundreds of new jobs in Pflugerville in the coming years. With TIBA’s extensive experience in the EB-5 Foreign Investor Pilot Program, they look forward to helping the City of Pflugerville, and others, generate many new jobs and further capital investment. TIBA is planning more foreign-direct-investment projects with 130 Commerce Center, LLC and PCDC in the coming few years.

To learn more about 130 Commerce Center, visit

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