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Against the Odds, Creating New Spirts and Opening New Markets.

Since 1996 Mexican tequila producer Corporacion Licorera 1910 SA. has been exporting premium tequilas to the US. in 2005 they estabished Casa 1921 LLC in the US to more efficiently import and distribute their product to new markets.

Casa 1921s first product in the US was Tequila 1921, a 100% agave tequila available in blanco, reposado and Grand Reposado or “Reserva Especial” versions. The brand quickly gained recognition as a premium tequila.

Though Tequila 1921 quickly made a name for itself, there were setbacks in the late 1990s because of blue agave shortage. The company’s leadership used this challenge to invent a new product they called “1921 Tequila Cream” a great combination of Tequila and special cream. The uniqueness of 1921 Tequila Cream opened a huge potential market for the company.

“To mix tequila with cream is not an easy process,” said Juan Francisco Collado, founder. ” It took us several years to develop the concept, and many more to come out with a stable product.”

There is no question as to the success of 1921 Tequila and 1921 Tequila Cream, these products have been awarded various recognitions. Some of the awards include: in 2010 the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America – 2011 Annual Convention awarded two Gold and a Silver for Tequila 1921. In 2010 The Polished Palate, Spirits of Mexico, awarded Gold and Best of Categories. In 2009 The Polished Palate, Spirits of Mexico, awarded the Gold, Bronze and Best of Categories. In 2002 Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute highly Rated 1921 Tequila.

Recently, after 8 years of opening the road through the alcohol legal and distribution systems in United States, “Casa 1921” became the exclusive importer for other prestige Spirits brands from Europe and Latin America.

The International Trade Center has been working with Casa 1921 LLC since 2008. Sr. International Trade Consultant Berenice Carmona has provided Juan Francisco Collado, and Anahi Rivera, partner, with in-depth tequila and spirits market analysis reports. “Berenice Carmona, has opened for us new doors and her constant advice has been always a guide for important decisions.” Juan Francisco Collado.

Today Casa 1921 LLC products are sold in 32 U.S. states and it has reached international markets in other countries such as Russia, China, Canada and other European Countries. Their products can also be found in airports, cruise lines and duty-free stores.

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