Blue Orange Pottery

Blue Orange Pottery, located in Laredo, TX, designs, manufactures, and distributes an expansive line of innovative home and garden décor products for a worldwide market. Their products include: clay pottery, ceramics, talavera, wooden décor, recycled metal art, along with other high quality products. Blue Orange Pottery started as a family owned business and takes pride in having some of the highest quality decorative garden decor products for their customers. Their operation is successful as evidenced by the fact that they are distributed and sold by small businesses as well as some of the largest retail stores.

In 2011 Jonathan Mercado, President of Blue Orange Pottery came to the International Trade Center to expand and strengthen his export preparedness and operation. Senior International Business Advisor Berenice Carmona worked with Mercado to lay the groundwork for new international business ventures for the company. Through a number of research and advising projects the International Trade Center provided trade data, on-going market intelligence, market research on countries including Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Austria and New Zealand, complete with home and garden décor market information, and potential customers in each country. “I came to the International Trade Center for help expanding into new markets as well as general export assistance,” said Mercado. “Berenice Carmona’s personalized advising has proven to be highly valuable. I learned a lot from the International Trade Center.”

As a result of the assistance received, Blue Orange Pottery has been able to reach out into new countries and expand its existing business. They have had a 30% increase in sales, and now have distributors in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany. “Based on my previous experience, I am looking forward to working with the International Trade Center again with my next international business project,” said Mercado.

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