GO TEXAN COVID-19 Recovery and Growth Initiative

The GO TEXAN COVID-19 Recovery and Growth Initiative project will help GO TEXAN companies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by helping them adjust their post-pandemic business model, developing new marketing strategies, accessing needed capital, and in addressing other business needs. Companies that are export-capable will receive advising, market research, and training assistance that will help them locate new international buyers for their GO TEXAN products.

GO TEXAN companies can receive one-on-one and customized business advising, market research and training services provided by a skilled Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Advisor. All SBDC services are focused on helping GO TEXAN companies create measurable results including:

  • Helping them adjust their post-pandemic business model
  • Locating new buyers and developing new marketing strategies that will grow sales
  • Accessing much needed capital in order to survive and grow from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Finance and accounting
  • HR management, strategic planning and business management techniques

GO TEXAN companies that are export capable can receive individualized international trade advising and foreign market research assistance that will help them successfully export. Assistance will be provided by experienced and credentialed International Business Advisors to include:

  • Identifying and selecting high-potential export markets and locate international buyers
  • Growing and diversifying their sales
  • Customized market research
  • Developing and implementing a solid export plan that will generate results

Most importantly all of these services will be offered free of charge and will be customized for your individual business needs. The focus of the GO TEXAN COVID-19 Recovery and Growth Initiative will be in helping you build a stronger, more resilient, and profitable business.

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Is your GO TEXAN company ready to work with us?

To learn more about the Texas Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network assistance and to see SBDC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) download our GO TEXAN Flyer.

Please contact Anabel Guerra, Sr. Business Advisor at the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center at or call 210-452-0463 for more information.


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